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From: James Wade
Subject: Face-The-Music 4This story contains gay teens engaging in sexual activities. If your not
old enough to be here than leave.These characters and stories are totally fictional; it is total coincidence
if you see yourself or anyone you know in here.Face-The-Music Chapter 4"Maybe this whole thing was a mistake. I can't go through with it." Aaron
and me were making vietnamese lola naked bbs
our way down to the auditorium, going to the singing
competition. The first round was kind of like the audition round, seeing
who actually had talent to be in the competition."Josh, don't worry, we'll be fine.""But what if they figure out that we're gay, I mean it is kind of weird for
two guys singing together.""No it's not, it happens more than you think. Nobody is going to find out,
just chill, ok?""Ok, I guess. Lets do this." Then we walked into the auditorium, and there
were a good number of people in there. Luckily they hadn't started yet;
thank god we weren't that late. They first had to go through the individual
singing competition, and then do the couple ones."Ok, is everybody ready, good. Lets get started, go." The woman in charge
was our chorus teacher, and she could be harsh at times.They started singing, and some of these people I had no idea why they
signed up in the first place, lets just say that they SUCKED! I mean this
one girl couldn't carry a tune to save her life, it was awful. Every time a
bad singer came on, Miss Trigger would shut them down completely, man I'm
glad I never got on her bad side. I think I even saw one girl cry because
Miss Trigger told her if she ever heard her sing again, she would have to
fine her for ruining people's ear drums. Then someone I never expected to
step up and sing came on, none other than Kylie. I couldn't believe it, why
was she doing the single's competition? She started singing, and she was
amazing. I couldn't believe it, she can sing? Why didn't she tell me?
Anyways, it was pretty cool, and everybody fell silent when she sang, and
clapped after she was done. When she came off the stage, I motioned for her
to come over to us; I had to get to the bottom of this."So, how come you never told me that you sing?""I don't know, I didn't know that you sang.""Well, I guess that's fair, but how come your in this competition thing?""Well, the winner gets a scholarship reward for $5,000, and I need to save
up as much as possible if I want to go to college.""Oh, ok""So, why are you guys here?""You see those two over there." And I pointed straight at Percy and
Brittany."Oh, I see now. You plan on beating them out, and making them seem like a
bunch of losers.""Yeah, and we plan on pulling a prank on them, we're just not sure what
yet.""So, what have you two been up to lately, romantically speaking?" I nearly
turned beet red when she said that. I wasn't sure what was going on with
mine and Aaron's relationship. We haven't really defined it yet,
considering we haven't been on a real date yet. Both Aaron and Kylie were
laughing at how red I had turned, which made me turn even redder."Well, you see Kylie, Josh is kind of still grounded from the fight he got
into. So we really haven't been on a date yet, but as soon as he isn't
grounded, I plan on taking him out. Isn't that right Josh?"I loved how Aaron could just take charge whenever he knew that I couldn't
handle it, or wasn't in the mood to do it myself. He was so sweet, and I'm
glad that I found him. "What...oh, right, yeah, you better."While we were talking, this guy walked up on stage, and started singing. We
all shut up when we heard his voice, it was the most gorgeous sound that I
have ever heard, and it was amazing. Then I looked at the guy who was
singing, and I liked what I saw. He was probably around 5'6, with semi long
brown hair, a little past his ears. By the looks of it he had a nice body,
and a pretty cute face as well. I looked over lolitas with puffy tits at Aaron, and he was looking
at me with a little shock in his face, he must have saw me staring."Sorry, I was just looking, he has a nice voice though.""It's ok Josh, he is pretty cute if I do say so myself.""Hey Kylie, free lolita photo galleries do you know who that guy is?""I've seen him around school and such, but I don't know who he is."He then stepped of the stage, and everyone was clapping for him, but not as
much as they had for Kylie, which is weird since he was definitely better
than her. He then sat down, and a couple of kids came up to him, and
started bothering him."Hey fag, you like singing those frilly little songs, you fairy.""Yeah, maybe you should wear a tutu or something when you sing.""Why aren't you saying anything, too busy sucking cock last night to talk?
I bet you like it up the ass don't you?""Yeah, actually I do, and last night I was sucking cock all night long. You
interested or something, we could go to the bathroom if you like.""What did you say you little faggot?""Hey, why don't you guys just leave him alone." Percy came up to them, and
he is a pretty big guy. You can tell he works out, he has these big biceps,
and you can see his pecs poking out of his shirt. If you 3d young teen loli saw him, you
wouldn't want to mess with him. The two guys just snarled and walked off."Um...thanks, I guess.""No problem, I'm Percy, what's your name?""Uh that's for me to know, ok.""Oh, come on man, just tell me your name. You know I heard those guys
talking to you, and if you want we can go to the bathroom.""Listen, I'm sure you're a nice guy and all but I'm not into messing around
with people I don't know, and I'm still not going to tell you my name, ok."
And with that the kid got up and walked away. I couldn't believe that Percy
got shot down, that was the first guy like ever to not fall for him."Oh man, look at Percy, he looks totally bewildered.""Yeah, it's like someone just died or something, that's too funny.""What, has no one ever turned him down before?""No, this is like the first guy to turn him down ever.""Well, make that the second.""Oh, right, sorry Aaron. How could I forget you."The single's audition was over, and now it was time for the couple's
audition competition. Like the single's, there were some pretty bad
singers, and then Percy and Brittany came on. They got on stage, and
started to sing. Now I want to tell you that they totally sucked, that they
were booed off the stage, but that only happens in a perfect world. As much
as I hate to say it, they were pretty good, which isn't good in my
book. After they finished, there were a few people clapping for them, man
this was going to be harder than I thought. Aaron and me got up there, and
a few people gave us glances, but I just brushed it off. I had to focus if
I wanted to beat Percy and Brittany. We started singing, and we turned out
to be good. I could feel a wash of confidence go over me, and I looked at
Aaron and free underage lolita galleries he was smiling. We finished out song, and I looked over at Percy
and Brittany, and they were a little surprised at how good we were. Why
shouldn't they, after all we were better than they were.After the singing thing, we all went back to class. Aaron and me had plans
on meeting up in the parking lot, and I would drive him home. We tried to
spend as much time together as possible, since I was grounded and couldn't
go out anywhere. During my last class of the day I really had to piss, I
hadn't gone all day, so I excused myself to the bathroom. I headed down to
the bathroom, asian lolita free video and I got in, and I was doing my business when Percy walked
in, man what the hell does he want now."Hey Josh, how's it going?""Fine, what do you want?""Nothing, just chill ok, don't go punching me or something." I had to
control myself from doing just that, man this guy pissed me off. "So, you
and Aaron were pretty good up there today.""Um...thanks." That was weird, why was he being nice to me, something
wasn't right."Your welcome." Then he started laughing."What's so funny?""Oh, ha, I, ha, just, ha, can't, ha, contain myself. I have to tell you
something. Ok, nude lolita 6 yo so you know my partner Brittany, well I told her this crazy
story of how you and Aaron were kind of a couple or something. I told her
all about our little encounter too, and she was kind of shocked to realize
that you and Aaron were gay. What's so funny is that if you and Aaron don't
drop out of this little competition, than Brittany will broadcast to the
entire school of your and Aaron's relationship. Just think about that, ok."
And with that he bbs mummy, loli bbs
left me standing there, completely shocked. What the hell
was I going to do now, stay in the competition and risk being exposed to
the entire school that I was gay, and Aaron as well, or we could just drop
out, and let Brittany and Percy win. Man, how did I not see this coming, I
was so stupid. Aaron and me have worked so hard to get here, I couldn't let
him down, but that one dream I had of him looking so hurt, I couldn't do
that to him."FUCK!" I screamed in the bathroom all by myself. I just had no idea what
the hell I was going to do.To be continued...Looks like Percy just enjoys being the bad guy, so I think that I might
keep him that way for now, who knows what I have in store for him later
on. It seems MOST of you guys like my story, which is good. Brace yourself
for the next chapter though, it is going to be a real heart wrencher. And
as always, I appreciate feed back at
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